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PM556-TP-ETH, DC562, AX561, A0561 are ABB distributed automation PLCs.

Time: 2020年04月13日

PM556-TP-ETH: AC500,Prog.Logic Controller. Distributed Automation PLCs: DC562, AX561, AO561.

The AC500-eCo from ABB is a range of scalable PLCs offering cost effectiveness for modern industrial automation applications where small flexible PLC solutions often represent the ideal solution.


Save money by starting small - the flexibility of the AC500 platform enables to scale up as and when needs dictate.

ABB’s AC500-eCo has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the broader AC500 family, offering you the decisive benefit of having a fully scalable and modular system.

The AC500-eCo offers individually customized solutions to be created by using S500 and S500-eCo I/O modules for small applications.

The Automation Builder engineering suite available across the entire AC500 PLC range will save you time with easy configuration, many libraries and function blocks for the most diverse specific customer requirements.

Easy handling

The user program can be downloaded via a SD card without the need for programming tools.

CPUs with integrated I/Os for small applications available.

Pre-wiring is possible via the use of pluggable terminal blocks.

The modules can be fitted to the DIN rail with easy-to-use snap-on mechanism.


The AC500-eCo is approved for customer use by accredited certification organizations around the world. This means the entire range can be deployed safely, reliably and globally.

Our offering: CPUs, S500-eCo I/O modules

AC500-eCo - S500-eCo I/O modules

The scalability offered by the AC500-eCo gives you the assurance of knowing that the system is able to grow with your needs. We offer a wide range of digital and analog S500-eCo I/O modules for different applications.

AC500-eCo CPUs are centrally expandable with up to 10 I/O modules - standard S500 and/or S500-eCo modules can be mixed.

The AC500-eCo is compatible with the AC500 PLC family - this provides you with the option to build customized solutions based on the standard S500 and S500-eCo I/O modules range.

The user-configurable I/O system gives you the flexibility of being able to make decisions and modifications right up to the last minute.


DI561    8DI    24 V DC    

DI562    16DI    24 V DC    

DI571    8DI    100-240 V AC    

DI572    16DI    100-240 V AC    

DO561    8DO    Transistor    

DO562    16DO    Transistor    

DO571    8DO    Relay    

DO572    8DO    Triac    

DO573    16DO    Relay    

DX561    8DI / 8DO    24 V DC / Transistor    

DX571    8DI / 8DO    24 V DC / Relay    

DC561    16DC    24 V DC / Transistor, configurable, Interfast    

DC562    16DC    24 V DC / Transistor, configurable    

AI561    4AI    V, mA    

AI562    2AI    RTD    

AI563    4AI    Thermocouple    

AO561    2AO    V, mA    

AX561    4AI / 2AO    V, mA    

FM562    4DI 4 pulse outputs    Pulse Train Outputs for 2 axes    

AC500-eCo - CPUs

Based on the successful AC500 range, the extremely compact AC500-eCo PLCs offer the most flexible and economical configuration available, low cost and straightforward servicing and all requirements of a modern control system for small applications.


128 kB program memory, program processing time 0.08 µs/instruction.

CPU module PM556 and PM566 with 512 kB program memory for more complex applications available.

1 onboard RS485 serial interface (2nd is optional).

Centrally expandable with up to 10 I/O modules (standard S500 and/or S500-eCo modules can be mixed) – this means up to 335 local I/O channels.

Optional SD card/SD card adapter for data storage and program backup.

Fast counter up to 50 kHz.

All analog inputs on PM564 and PM566 CPUs can be configured as digital inputs to allow individual customer solutions.

Modbus data can be directly stored in the non volatile area of the internal data memory.

File handling including ZIP and UNZIP functionality.

Web server, FTP server and SNTP features for Ethernet CPUs.

PM556 and PM566 CPUs contain SMTP client for sending emails.

The AC500-eCo delivers an impressive set of programming features.

ABB uses a standard IEC61131-3-based programming system for the entire AC500 family - you will be up and running in no time with our IEC61131-3 compliant Automation Builder engineering suite.


PM554-TP-ETH    8DI 6DO Transistor    24 V DC    

PM556-TP-ETH    8DI 6DO Transistor    24 V DC    

PM564-TP-ETH    6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Transistor    24 V DC    

PM564-RP-ETH    6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Relay    24 V DC    

PM564-RP-ETH-AC    6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Relay    100-240 V AC    

PM566-TP-ETH    6DI 6DO 2AI 1AO Transistor     24 V DC    

PLC Automation PM556-TP-ETH

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