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Perfect end to 2023. great start to 2024!

Time: 02月20日 11:11

Looking back to the past few years, it was full of bumps and bruises, but Xieyuan people went through thick and thin all the way, swimming against the current, and accomplished the metamorphosis in the adversity. From the beginning of 2022, under the leadership of the leaders to the European market, the company began to gradually transform, and achieved certain results. 2023 put the center of gravity to the Russian market, successfully set up a branch office in Russia, and maintain continuous growth. 

The arrival of 2024 is a brand new page for us. We will bid farewell to the Jade Rabbit and usher in the Golden Dragon, symbolizing a new beginning and new hope. In this new year, we look forward to more challenges and opportunities, and believe that Xiyuan people will create another success in the new journey. 

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication in the past year. In the new year, let's go hand in hand and continue to climb new heights. Let's cheer for the past efforts and future vision, and wish the company to prosper in the new year, and all of us to have a successful career and a happy life!

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2024 Starts with a bang!

Congrats to everyone who won, and let's all dip our toes in the water in the New Year. 

A perfect end to 2023! A great start to 2024! 

A new journey, a new chapter, a new challenge! Great start! Today, we welcome a brand new beginning. May we achieve even more brilliant results and show infinite power in our new journey. Step forward and create infinite possibilities!

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