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Chinese supplier for Disposable latex gloves products with large quantity in stock.

Time: 2020年03月30日

Disposable PVC, latex, nitrile examination gloves. The price is affordable and the stock is sufficient for your reference.

Disposable Nitrile inspection gloves refer to the gloves made or coated, with the effect of oil prevention, mainly used in factories, oil fields, repair factories, etc. Dingqing gloves do not contain latex protein, so it will not cause allergic reactions. At the same time, it has antistatic, aging and oil resistant properties.

Disposable medical PVC inspection glove is a glove product mainly made of PVC with antistatic property.

Disposable latex gloves contain natural rubber latex ingredients, which should be used with caution.


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Please pay attention to our gloves, whether PVC or nitrile. They are not disposable plastic gloves of hotpot shop. Our gloves are generally understood as surgical gloves worn by doctors, which have the characteristics of toughness and puncture resistance.


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