Dräger fixed gas detection

Dräger fixed gas detection

Model: PIR 7000

Brands: Dräger

Catalog: Fixed Gas Detection

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Product Details

Dräger PIR 7000 fixed gas detection

Constant monitoring of flammable gases and vapors is essential for a safe workplace. The Dräger PIR® 7000 is an explosion-proof point gas detection transmitter that uses infrared (IR) technology to continuously monitor flammable gases and vapors. With its stainless steel SS 316L enclosure and drift-free optics, this detector is built for the harshest industrial environments,
including offshore installations.


Accurately detects a wide range of flammable substances

Two models of the Dräger PIR 7000 are available—type 334 and type 340. Each model works with a different measuring wavelength, thus detecting the broadest possible range of flammable substances with superior accuracy.

Advanced signal stability

Following the success of the most stable point infrared gas detector worldwide—the Dräger Polytron IR— Dräger has introduced the PIR 7000, which encompasses the latest in revolutionary technology.

Based on patented innovations, the Dräger PIR 7000 combines a maximum light collecting construction with a 4-beam signal stabilizing system. The total optical system uses no light beam split, simply a set of various reflectors. This double-compensating optical system is very resistant to accumulation of dirt on the optical surface, as well as known influences such as dust, fog and insects, which are frequently found in the measuring cuvette. Due to its non-imaging construction, the measuring signal is not affected by a partial beam block.

This innovative optical system ensures that the Dräger PIR 7000 fulfills the customer requirements of no false alarms, longer service intervals, and a drift-free signal output.

Early detection enables fast response

Multiple configuration capabilities

Standards-based design ensures high safety and reliability—SIL 2 certified

Configurable gas library—methane, propane and ethylene fixed, up to 10 additional substances can be uploaded

Multiple mounting and configuration capabilities (signals acc. to NAMUR NE 43)

Precise and stable measurement

Response of less than 1 second

Beam block warning in case of dirty optics for preventive maintenance

Long maintenance intervals

Extended temperature range of up to +77°C/+170°F

Double-compensating, non-imaging optics (using 4-beam technology)

Single cable multidrop capability using HART®communication

Conventional 4 to 20 mA analog signal output

Hermetically sealed SS 316L enclosure

Integrated tag holder for individual labelling

No moving parts

Resistant to shock and vibration up to 4 G

Continuous self-testing in the context of the IEC/EN 61508 standard

Developed and manufactured according to the SIL guidelines, SIL 2 certified by TÜV

Ex approvals for worldwide application: ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA

Dust approval for zones 21 and 22

Typical lifetime greater than 15 years

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