Honeywell Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Honeywell Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Model: Honeywell DCS

Brands: Honeywell

Catalog: Control System

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Product Details

Honeywell Distributed Control Systems (DCS) 

Honeywell DCS system mainly includes Alcont, Experion LS, Experion PKS, Experion HS, Plant Scape, TDC 2000, TDC3000, TPS, Safety system, etc.


Each generation of alcont can be easily integrated with Experion technology. It is a system designed for controlling, measuring, monitoring and integrating industrial enterprises and manufacturers.

2.Experion LS

Experion LS can provide reliable, flexible and easy to operate distributed control system (DCS) for small and medium-sized enterprises. Compared with other cumbersome and non scalable solutions, Experion LS can save customers up to $20000 in technical support costs per system per year.

With its ready to use functionality and flexibility, Experion LS requires less implementation costs and later maintenance costs than systems designed for large-scale production or small PLC based systems. Experion LS can provide independent automation solutions to meet both continuous process control and batch control requirements.

3.Experion PKS

Honeywell Experion process knowledge system is a system that integrates asset efficiency, process performance, personnel efficiency and operational flexibility, and improves productivity and efficiency.

Experion system includes distributed control system (DCS) and adds advanced automation control platform, which can improve business profits without worrying about the integration with tdc2000 / TDC3000 / TPS.

4.Experion HS

Experion HS is a small and medium-sized process control system based on the proven Experion PKS platform technology. It is an integrated solution integrating multiple types of controllers such as HC900, master logics and safety manager.

Experion HS further extends this proven technology to meet specific industry needs. The solution is simple and intuitive, and can be easily used by plant managers, maintenance engineers, process engineers and operators in industries such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, cement and glass, and food and beverage industries. Based on the Experion HS platform, advanced control (APC) can also be implemented to improve production and product quality and reduce energy consumption.

5.Plant Scape

Plant scape is a scalable hybrid controller provided by Honeywell for discrete and contact control processes. At present, there is no new version of plant scape, which can be integrated into the Experion system.

6.TDC 2000

In 1975, with the advent of TDC 2000, Honeywell has been in the leading position in the automation control industry. TDC 2000 software and hardware can be easily integrated into Experion system.


In order to improve performance more effectively, operators must be able to access plant historical data and node information, monitor process control historical data, development trend, and average value. By using Honeywell's Gus human-machine interface process control technology and advanced software capabilities, operators can easily grasp the latest information.


TPS is an automation system developed by Honeywell based on Windows 2000 system. It includes distributed control system capability, advanced application software, multiple control, batch control, optimization, plant historical data and information management system. TPS nodes including Gus and app are directly connected to LCN network based on TDC.

9. Safety system

The safety system can reduce the safety cost, reduce the risk coefficient, increase the output and improve the performance of the whole plant.

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