EcoStruxure Triconex safety instrumented system

EcoStruxure Triconex safety instrumented system

Model: 4351B, 3721, 8312, 3503E, 4210

Brands: Triconex

Catalog: Safety Systems

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Product Details

EcoStruxure™ - Triconex® Safety Instrumented System

When safety and profitability are critical to the success of your business, you can rely on EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems.

Triconex SIS provides superior protection for people, production and profits.

EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems are an integral element of EcoStruxure Plant, Schneider Electrics open, IoT enabled architecture for actionable business insight. With over 30 years of continuous safe operation, EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems have delivered more than one billion safe operating hours.

The leading family of high-availability, high-integrity systems (Tricon, Tricon CX, Trident and Tri-GP) are certified by TÜV Rheinland to safety integrity level 3 (SIL3), and can be used in all safety and critical control applications. Proven in the most demanding industries and challenging applications, EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems deliver a lifetime of performance.


• The highest levels of protection for people, production assets and profits

• Continuous safe operation and maximum plant availability

• A lifetime of performance

• Lower operational risk

• Maximum value of ownership

The conventional models are as follows:

Analog 0-10V module Triconex 3701

Analog quantity 0-5 / 0-10V DC TRiconex3703E, 3703EC

Analog 0-5V DC module TRiconex3700,3700A,3700AC

Analog DC module TRiconex3706A

Analog DC module TRiconex3704E

Analog module TRiconex3708E

Analog module TRiconex3721, 3821C

Analog module TRiconex3720, 3720C

Analog module TRiconex3805E, 3805H, 3805HC

Bpao module TRiconex3807

Digital input module TRiconex3501T

Digital input module TRiconex3504E

Digital input module TRiconex3503E, 3503EC

Digital input module TRiconex3564, 3564C

Digital input module TRiconex3505E, 3505EC

Digital input module TRiconex3502E

Digital output module TRiconex3601T

Digital output module TRiconex3623T

Digital output module TRiconex36643664C

Digital output module TRiconex3674

Digital output module TRiconex3604E

Digital output module TRiconex3607E

Digital output module TRiconex3614E, 3615E

Digital output module TRiconex3617E

Digital output module TRiconex3625, 3625A 3625C, 3625AC

MP module TRiconex3009

PI module TRiconex3511, 3511C

PT module TRiconex3515

Ro module TRiconex3636T, 3636TC

RXM module TRiconex4210

RXM module TRiconex4200, 4200C

RXM module TRiconex4211

RXM module TRiconex42014201C

UCM module TRiconex4351A, 4351B, 4351BC

TCM module TRiconex4352A, 4352B, 4352BC

UCM module TRiconex4353, 4353C

Power module TRiconex435, 44354C

Chassis module TRiconex4610

Power module TRiconex8300A, 7305A

Power module TRiconex8100, 81018102

Power module TRiconex8310, 8310C, 8311

Power module TRiconex8311C

Power module TRiconex8312, 8312C

Chassis module TRiconex8110, 8110ATEX

Chassis module TRiconex8110C

Chassis module TRiconex8111, 8000ATEX

Chassis module TRiconex8111C, 8112, 8112ATEX

Chassis module TRiconex8112C

Chassis module TRiconex8120E

Chassis module TRiconex8121

Hart module TRiconex2700H, 2870H

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