ABB Ability™ Distributed Control System 800xA

ABB Ability™ Distributed Control System 800xA

Model: PM861AK01

Brands: ABB

Catalog: Control System

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Product Details

ABB Ability™ Distributed Control System 800xA

Many of our System 800xA customers have replaced their Electrical SCADA, Electrical Control System, earlier generation DCS systems, Safety System, PLC HMI, DCS HMIs as well as their Video surveillance systems with one system that hides all differences and creates a seamless plant operation environment. ABB's Extended Automation System 800xA provides the functionality of these systems built-in, this reduces the total cost of ownership and creates and unparalleled plant operation environments.


NameHigh IntegrityMemoryPerformanceRedundancy
BC810K02Yes-Hot swap supportedYes
BC820K02No-Hot swap supportedYes


No12 MB (from 800xA 5.1 FP4)0.46 msNo
PM856AK01No16 MB (from 800xA 5.1 FP4)0.46 msNo
PM857K01Yes32 MB0.17 msNo
PM857K02Yes32 MB0.17 msYes
PM858K01No16 MB0.36 msNo
PM858K02No16 MB0.36 msYes
PM860AK01No16 MB (from 800xA 5.1 FP4)0.23 msNo
PM861AK01 ClassicNo16 MB0.23 msYes
PM861AK02 ClassicNo16 MB0.23 msYes
PM862K01No32 MB0.18 msNo
PM862K02No32 MB0.18 msYes
PM863K01No32 MB0.17 msNo
PM863K02Yes32 MB0.17 msYes
PM864AK01 ClassicNo32 MB0.15 msYes
PM864AK02 ClassicNo32 MB0.15 msYes
PM865K01Yes32 MB0.17 msNo
PM865K02Yes32 MB0.17 msYes
SM811 (for PM865)Yes32 MB-Yes
PM866AK01No64 MB0.09 msNo
PM866AK02No64 MB0.09 msYes
PM867K01Yes64 MB0.09 msNo
PM867K02Yes64 MB0,09 msYes
SM812 (for PM867)Yes64 MB-Yes
PM891K01No256 MB0.043 msNo
PM891K02No256 MB0.043 msYes
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