Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000 Series

Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000 Series

Model: PGC5000

Brands: ABB

Catalog: Analysis measurement

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Product Details

Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000 Series

For over 50 years, ABB has developed, manufactured, and installed gas chromatographs for the process industries.  Our capability embraces one of the largest process gas chromatograph portfolios in the world, performing real-time analysis of the chemical composition of a process sample or stream. 

Our PGC5000 Series process gas chromatograph products includes:

· Process gas chromatographs - PGC5000 Series

     PGC5000A Generation 2 Master Controller with interactive touch screen front panel
     PGC5000B and PGC5000C Smart airbath ovens 
     PGC5000B and PGC5000C Smart airless ovens

· Now available - The PGC5000 Integrated Controller combines the functionality of the PGC5000A Master Controller into either the PGC5000B or PGC5000C Smart oven

· PGC5007 Total Sulfur Analyzer – Specialty gas chromatograph

· PGC5009 Fast GC- Specialty gas chromatograph

· PGC5000 Temperature Programmed - Specialty gas chromatograph

· Gas chromatograph sample handling systems including the DRS2170 Dynamic Reflux Sampler

· Liquid sample injection valves: syringe and rotary

· Vapor valves: sliding plate, rotary, and diaphragm

· Complete line of analytical detectors: thermal conductivity, flame ionization, flame photometric, and discharge ionization

· Custom packed and capillary column applications 

Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000A Generation 2 Master Controller

The PGC5000A Generation 2 Master Controller provides all of the analyzer system control functions and coordinates internal and external data activities for the PGC5000B, PGC5000C, PGC5007 and PGC5009 Smart OvensTM.  Analyzer and the control systems communicate via intrinsically safe (IS) Fiber Optic with Redundant Ethernet, Modbus or Modbus RTU.

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