KROHNE flow, density, mass, vortex flowmeter

KROHNE flow, density, mass, vortex flowmeter

Model: H250 M9

Brands: KROHNE

Catalog: Flow measurement

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KROHNE flow, density, mass, vortex flowmeter

KROHNE company of Germany was founded on June 21, 1921, and it has gone through more than 90 years. In the past 90 years, under the leadership of successive presidents, all employees of KROHNE company always adhere to high-tech as the guide. After decades and generations of efforts, especially in the past 20 years, KROHNE company in Germany has established 45 wholly-owned or joint ventures worldwide, 17 production centers and 55 offices in 12 countries , formed a strong German KROHNE group company.

The products of KROHNE group in Germany are all over the world. The production of rotameter, electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, all kinds of liquid level meters are well-known around the world. KROHNE group is headquartered in Duisburg, Germany. In the past 20 years, KROHNE has carried out in-depth cooperation with Chinese instrument manufacturers. At the same time, the Chinese enterprises in KROHNE group are also known as the main suppliers of flow meters, mass flow meters, liquid level meters and other products. KROHNE instruments are widely used in petroleum metallurgy, chemical industry, miner, electric power, instrument and beverage industries.

Wuhan Xieyuan mainly provides Chengde Cologne flowmeter product series, including the following products:

Flow meter - variable area flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, flow controller, baffle flowmeter, differential pressure flowmeter, intelligent gas turbine flowmeter, purging device

Level instruments - non-contact level meters, level transmitters, level switches, other level meters

High precision Micro-Motion flowmeter

Emerson's highly quasi Coriolis, density and viscosity technologies provide superior flow measurement expertise while providing customers with the confidence and insight they need to continuously improve their safety and efficiency in the most critical process applications.

High accuracy 1500 and 2500 compact control room transmitters

High precision 2400 compact integrated transmitter

High quasi elite peak performance Coriolis flow and densitometer

High precision F Series Compact self emptying Coriolis flowmeter and densitometer

High precision R series universal Coriolis flowmeter and densimeter

High accuracy T series straight Coriolis flowmeter and densimeter

High precision H series sanitary Coriolis flow and density meter

High quasi high pressure Coriolis flowmeter

High precision CNG Coriolis flowmeter

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